Reggiano Lambrusco wine was born in ancient times from wild vines of which, in the 2nd century BC, Cato narrates in his De agri cultura: he speaks of Vitis Lambrusca which is born and grows spontaneously from seeds and whose long shoots are intertwined with the foliage of elms, maples and poplars.

Lambrusco Salamino 30%, Lambrusco Marani 30%, Lambrusco Maestri 30%, Ancellotta 10%

Generally towards the end of September; the grapes are harvested strictly by hand.

The must macerates on the skins overnight at low temperatures, enriching the wine with more delicate aromas and a less full-bodied taste; during maceration, strictly at controlled temperatures, the must is enriched with the colors and aromas that make this product the traditional Lambrusco Reggiano.

Bottles produced : 54,000
Alcohol content : 11% vol.
Sugar : 8.6 g / l
Total acidity : 7.4 g / l

Organoleptic characteristics
With a bright red color, it expresses delicate, floral aromas with fruity tones reminiscent of citrus fruits; with a characteristic, lively, savory and slightly acidic taste. It goes well with salami-based appetizers, in particular mortadella, all’erbazzone, Emilian cuisine of lesser importance, fried white meats and fish.
Serve at 12 – 14 ° C.