The Celebration of 1111


On 11 September, at the Cantina di Puianello , we inaugurated, concurrently with the beginning of the Matildic Parade, a large 80-meter mural created by Simone Ferrarini (Collettivo FX) on the external wall, entitled “the Celebration of 1111”.

The Celebration of 1111 refers to the famous historical event in which the Emperor Henry V, having enfeoffed Matilda of Canossa as Imperial Vicar, enters the interior of the Castle of Bianello and, in front of Donizone, Arduino della Palude, the Bishops of Reggio and Parma, the German Knights, and the Benedictine monks, toasts to the event that has just taken place, which enshrines the newfound peace between the two.

An 80-meter mural dedicated to Matilda of Canossa

Our winery has given special importance to this artistic investment, both as an upgrading of the production environment, but also as a manifesto, reminding us of thehistorical importance and richness of our territory, matching the character of Matilda and Henry V with our most representative wines: Spergola and Lambrusco.

Here art and history meet the agro-food world, in a work that recalls the roots of our history and of good drinking and eating.

FX Collective

“The Collettivo Fx was born about ten years ago from a discussion at the bar. The favorite technique is gossip, this allows us to enter the territory and collaborate with the most varied realities around Italy, but not only.

From Reggio Emilia, to Palermo, passing through Bologna, Pisa, Turin, Naples, Florence and many other places. We went as far as Jerusalem, and then again Barcelona, Valencia, London, Lugano, Tunis, Dresden, Paris, Ramallah, Almaty, Fanzara, Madrid, Mostar, Las Mesas and Madeburg. We firmly believe that History and Work can find a “common territory” in culture, and the Municipality of Quattro Castella is a territory in which this resource is developing.
The Cantina Sociale di Puianello is an example of this, with two specific interventions: the first modified the interior of the production space, the second the exterior, with the “Celebration of Matilde and Enrico V in 1111”, the elevation facing the Via Matildica del Volto Santo. Previously, in 2019, another company. Parini, in the Orologia area, has created two huge façades of its own firm, addressing the issue of human behavior with respect to the production of waste. Projects that become a starting point for the drafting of debates and institutional methods at regional and national level. “