Reggiano Lambrusco wine was born in ancient times from wild vines of which, in the 2nd century BC, Cato narrates in his Due agri cultura: he speaks of Vitis Lambrusca which is born and grows spontaneously from seeds and whose long shoots are intertwined with the foliage of elms, maples and poplars. Obtained by vinifying different blends, it represents the “typical” Lambrusco Reggiano.

Lambrusco Salamino 30%, Lambrusco Marini 30%, Lambrusco Maestri 30%, Ancellotta 10%

Generally towards the end of September; the grapes are harvested strictly by hand

The must macerates on the skins for no less than 72 hours; during maceration, strictly at a controlled temperature, the must is enriched with the colors and aromas that make this product the traditional Lambrusco Reggiano.

Bottles produced : 6,000
Alcohol content : 9.5% vol.
Sugar : 24 g / l
Total acidity : 6,7 g / l

Organoleptic characteristics
With a deep ruby red color with violet reflections, it expresses floral aromas of violets and wild berries; medium-bodied, freshness, fragrance and flavor harmonize on the palate. It goes well with Emilian cuisine in general. Serve at 14 – 16 ° C